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Interview with the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. By Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues. (c) August,2011.


2008 Black September, 15 – 2010 Gray September, 15
No consensus at all about the causes of the Great Recession and regarding a radical reform of the financialization regime to be done. Three analysts in a virtual round table around the globe, from Boston, to Dublin, to Singapore.
A conversation with Economics Editor Marc Coleman, from Dublin, Financial Consultant and author Peter Cohan, from Boston, and David Caploe, Chief Economy Editor from EconomyWatch in Singapore.

Double-dip: a true risk for the second half of 2010 or it’s a speculators’ buzz?

We put the trillion question mark to 5 economists around the world and literally around the clock.
Interviews by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues ©, 2010

“Serial default is a surprisingly universal phenomenon, including the advanced economies” (Carmen Reinhart)

A conversation with Carmen Reinhart, professor of Economics, director of the Center for International Economics at the University of Maryland and the co-author with Kenneth S. Rogoff of “This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly.”

“The danger we are running now: to have a gilded age instead of a Golden Age”, Carlota Perez

10Years after the first Nasdaq crash of March 2000: a conversation with Professor Carlota Perez
“[The third surge] did not really have a Golden Age but only a gilded age. And this is the danger we are running now [in this fifth surge].”

The trillionaire question: do we risk a short “belle époque” in the next decade followed by another Great Depression in a generation or less?
Dear readers, let us know what you think.

The inside story of the Great Panic – Bernanke’s great war against Depression 3.0

“In Fed we Trust” (Crown Business, August 2009) is the first book about the stories of the ongoing crisis following the steps of its main world actor, Ben Bernanke, the FED (the US Central Bank system) chairman, just reappointed today for a second term (2010-2014) by American president Obama. An interview with the author, David Wessel, a Pulitzer Prize journalist and economics editor of The Wall Street Journal.

«The role of finance has to be fundamentally rethought»

An alternative to the current mess would be to rethink the very basis of banking and finance, the essence of the financial rent-seeking economic model developed since the 1970s. But it is truly a political question, not an economic one, although it is an interesting debate for economists. Voters at polls will decide: «Do people want that? I can’t answer that question for them», says Professor Jamie Morgan. In the Economics field, the 2007-2009 crisis just smashed a certain brand of applied monetarism and also a kind of bastard Keynesianism. More heterodox thinking is required.

A conversation with Jamie Morgan, University of Helsinki

An article from George Zhibin Gu: ‘China vs. Global Financial Crisis’

«All of us now live in the same boat, which is a great realization from the ongoing global financial crisis. As far as China is concerned, today’s economic situation, regardless how ugly it has become, is managable still. For, China has gained vast economic progress over the past 30 years».
An EXCLUSIVE from George Zhibin Gu, a business consultant based in China, author of several new books on China and globalization, and a contributor for Janelanaweb and He is based in Shenzhen (Guangdong, China).