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S&P downgrading of the US credit outlook: A discussion with Peter Cohan and David Caploe

TONIGHT FOCUS: S&P downgrades US outlook from stable to negative. Quite a shock.
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2008 Black September, 15 – 2010 Gray September, 15
No consensus at all about the causes of the Great Recession and regarding a radical reform of the financialization regime to be done. Three analysts in a virtual round table around the globe, from Boston, to Dublin, to Singapore.
A conversation with Economics Editor Marc Coleman, from Dublin, Financial Consultant and author Peter Cohan, from Boston, and David Caploe, Chief Economy Editor from EconomyWatch in Singapore.

Mesa Redonda sobre a reforma de Wall Street: nota negativa

Quatro analistas internacionais dão nota negativa à finreg (regulação financeira) americana, nem mesmo um “B”, como Paul Volcker, um dos inspiradores da equipa Obama, ele próprio desiludido. Alguns buracos da nova lei Dodd-Frank, assinada pelo presidente norte-americano a 21 de Julho, dariam para que um Boeing 747 passasse por eles, ironiza um dos entrevistados.
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Double-dip: a true risk for the second half of 2010 or it’s a speculators’ buzz?

We put the trillion question mark to 5 economists around the world and literally around the clock.
Interviews by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues ©, 2010

Portuguese near-default crisis – a rountable in the “black week”

A virtual roundtable with 5 economists and financial analysts
Mark Thoma, professor, University of Oregon, USA
Peter Cohan, CEO Peter Cohan & Associates, Boston, USA
Bill Witherell, Chief Global Economist, Cumberland Advisors, global financial company
David Caploe, Chief Political Economist,, Singapore
Gary A. Dymski, Department of Economics, University of California, Riverside, USA

SEC vs. Goldman: A symbolic strike to press the fat cats (David Caploe)

David Caploe, editor of EconomyWatch, of Singapore, about the first civil action from American regulators against a Wall Stret deal evolving “synthetic” financial vehicles.

Financial Reform: Is the Volcker Plan Missing the Target ?

Financial Reform: Is the Volcker Plan Missing the Target ?

Former Federal Reserve (Fed) Chief Paul Volcker’s so called Financial Reform Plan, released after President Obama’s speech decrying ‘fat cats’ on Wall Street, could be one of the most important prescriptions for the post-financial crisis. Its in/correctness and/or in/efficiency may well be critical for reform of the entire global financial system. Unfortunately, the plan of the former Fed head seems to be either lacking key elements, or is insufficient as currently constituted. We interview two of today’s most important economics bloggers, University of Oregon Economics Professor Mark Thoma, editor of Economist’s View, and Dr. David Caploe, Chief Political Economist of the Singapore-based, who holds a Ph.D. in International Political Economy from Princeton.