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World economy: a perfect storm in August?

The summer storm may not even come to form. But the ingredients are all present in the soup. The first ingredient appears on the other side of the world, Asia, and has to do, strangely, with… the price of pork in China.
@2011, Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues

English Edition by JPO,

América corre o risco de um default “por uns dias” em agosto

Os chineses e as agências de notação Fitch e Moody’s zangaram-se com o Congresso americano. Se o limite de endividamento dos EUA não for aumentado, 30 mil milhões de dólares de títulos do Tesouro que vencem a 4 de agosto podem estar em maus lençóis.

Rating Agencies: diversification or changing the rules and the business model?

A virtual round table about the rating agencies was edited by, listening in separate interviews to William White, former Head of the Monetary and Economic Department from May 1995 to June 2008 of the Bank for International Settlements and based in Basel, Bertrand Candelon, professor at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, located in Netherlands, Franck Biancheri, leader of the Newropeans and research coordinator of the french forecasting consulting company LEAP in Paris, and Peter Cohan, professor at Babson College, blogger and analyst based in Boston.