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DAVID GRAEBER: “the American Empire collapse is, effectively, being negotiated both internationally, and within”

The New Yorker David Graeber, a native of Chelsea, 50, an anthropologist, professor at the University of London, UK, published recently Debt- the first 5,000 years, a must-read for economists and historians of economy. Also, for politicians.
An interview about his book on the history of debt by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues. (LONG ARTICLE)

Debt default virus has no respect. Not even for triple-A ratings

Who is next – an Expresso study, on Saturday, November 26, edition. Based on an article by João Silvestre and Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues on the November 26 printed edition of Expresso Economia.
Dashboard concept by Joao Silvestre.
English Edition by: JPO | LISwires

The rediscovery of the Portuguese 15th century Discoveries

by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues English Edition by LisWires/JPO Periods of profound national and international crisis are always moments of crossroads in how a country projects its image in the world and how its people build the symbolic that inspires political and economic activity. These moments are cyclical and the standard menu options of behaviour repeats […]

The first ever truly global crisis – an interview with Franck Biancheri from the Newropeans

This crisis is definitely the terminal moment of the Bretton Woods system, 1944 version at the end of the World War and 1971-76 version after the Nixon shock. Also it’s the bridge for a change in the great power system. In this sense it’s a systemic crisis – not of capitalism as a system, but of the geopolitical, economic and financial system design from the 1940s. It’s completely different from the 1930s, refers Franck Biancheri, the leader of Newropeans. This is the first truly global crisis – a crisis of a world finally truly globalized in finance and economy.

Learning from the Emergent Multinationals

How the ‘Third World’ global companies reshaped competition. A conversation with Harold Sirkin of Boston Consulting Group: «Globality is more than the title of a book – it’s the reality of business.»