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«The role of finance has to be fundamentally rethought»

An alternative to the current mess would be to rethink the very basis of banking and finance, the essence of the financial rent-seeking economic model developed since the 1970s. But it is truly a political question, not an economic one, although it is an interesting debate for economists. Voters at polls will decide: «Do people want that? I can’t answer that question for them», says Professor Jamie Morgan. In the Economics field, the 2007-2009 crisis just smashed a certain brand of applied monetarism and also a kind of bastard Keynesianism. More heterodox thinking is required.

A conversation with Jamie Morgan, University of Helsinki

The chief-economist the central bankers do not listened to

William White warned of the coming big financial crisis. But the selected “club” of central bankers ignored him. Great moderation, procyclicality, a monetary miracle-policy, the substantial decline in volatility, a stable economy with continued growth, an economy closer to the efficient frontier where the business cycles were “managed” and the crashes shorter and shorter, all this “optimistic” mantra was the mainstream economic thought over the last twenty years inside the central bankers system. And coupled with this paradigm, grown and reign the greatest ever known rent-seeking financial paradise. Suddenly in mid of 2007, two years ago, the reality engulfed the club. William was right, but it was too late. A conversation with this contrarian economist.