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CURRENCY WARS ALERT – interview with Ben Davies (Hinde Capital)

“These feelings can easily spill over into military action”
Ben Davies, CEO and co-founder of Hinde Capital, London. Interview by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues about the world monetary earthquake.

Cinzia Alcidi: “The blanket of guaranties required is too big for many countries”

Euro Zone Sovereign Debt Crisis: Part 2? – an interview with Cinzia Alcidi, Research Fellow from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), based in Brussels.
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“Serial default is a surprisingly universal phenomenon, including the advanced economies” (Carmen Reinhart)

A conversation with Carmen Reinhart, professor of Economics, director of the Center for International Economics at the University of Maryland and the co-author with Kenneth S. Rogoff of “This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly.”

“One way to deal with adverse tail events is to simply ride them out” (Michael Mauboussin)

A conversation with professor, author and financial strategist Michael Mauboussin, about black and gray swans, metaphors for extreme events. Learn how to deal with them.

“The entire world is living in a debt backed money box” (Nathan Martin)

A conversation with Nathan Martin, Editor of Nathan’s Economic Edge, about debt saturation. A “disruptive” problem. Stay tuned.

“The danger we are running now: to have a gilded age instead of a Golden Age”, Carlota Perez

10Years after the first Nasdaq crash of March 2000: a conversation with Professor Carlota Perez
“[The third surge] did not really have a Golden Age but only a gilded age. And this is the danger we are running now [in this fifth surge].”

The trillionaire question: do we risk a short “belle époque” in the next decade followed by another Great Depression in a generation or less?
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The Washington ad hoc engineers

How policy making took place in the US facing the Great Recession of 2007-2009. A review by Robert A. Eisenbeis and Ellis Tallman of In Fed We Trust. [November 17, 2009, (c) Cumberland Advisors]
Title, editorial format and highlights by (Published with authorization by Cumberland Advisors). An add-up to the interview with the author of In Fed We Trust.