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Adam Tooze: «Merkel is a formidable tactician, but not a strategist»

Adam Tooze: «Merkel is a formidable tactician, but not a strategist»

The Achilles’ heels of Super-Germany
“As far as strategy goes, Merkel is a formidable tactician, but not a strategist”
A conversation with British Historian ADAM TOOZE, teaching at Yale University, in the US. Professor Tooze is a specialist in German history.
© Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues, September 2012

The race to the bottom — an interview with contrarian James Dines

«The world is headed straight for the second great depression, where the lust for financial capital gains will be wiped out and replaced by the need of survival of capital» — an interview with contrarian James Dines, editor of The Dines Letter since 1960. Currency Wars was the menu. An interview by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues. Translation and English edition by LisWIres/JPO.

A VIEW FROM BEIJING: The Chinese Inflation Fever (Zhàng Jià, 漲價)

“Pointing the finger at hot money is an excuse. Move off the peg with the dollar”

An interview with Patrick Chovanec, American Professor at Tsinghua Univ.

The American “excepcionalism”: a default-proof superpower?

Criticizing deficit hysteria and debt-downsizing hawkery

A conversation with Yeva Nersisyan from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and Peter Dorman from Evergreen State College

Interviews by Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues, August 2010

The inside story of the Great Panic – Bernanke’s great war against Depression 3.0

“In Fed we Trust” (Crown Business, August 2009) is the first book about the stories of the ongoing crisis following the steps of its main world actor, Ben Bernanke, the FED (the US Central Bank system) chairman, just reappointed today for a second term (2010-2014) by American president Obama. An interview with the author, David Wessel, a Pulitzer Prize journalist and economics editor of The Wall Street Journal.

The deflation scare was the biggest lie of the recent Great Panic

It was a spin operation says the English market analyst Adrian Douglas. This deflation scare remembers the Y2K announced chaos for January 1, 2000 because of a computer software bug. The Wall Street Journal called the Y2K «The Hoax of the Century», and its cost was estimated at $300 billion. We risk a new hoax that will cost us a bigger amount in the 21th Century.