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“The financialization of commodities has been the dominant factor“ (John Baffes)

Speculators rediscovered commodity markets. Prices are climbing again. The research of Dr. John Baffes, from the World Bank, unveils the factors behind the price movements in the last 30 years. A summary of the research and an interview with the author.
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Energy analyst Ed Morse: “A united Europe could greatly influence Moscow.”

An interview with Edward L. Morse, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Energy Policy from 1979 to 1981, currently the Global Head of Research at Louis Capital Markets, a global independent broker-dealer.

The reverse oil shock

It’s temporary – but it’s a reverse oil shock. Peakists (analysts based on the peak oil model) were surprised with the swing – some of them continue completely bullish until the downtrend was sound evidence. From near $145 ($143.95, July 3) a barrel (Brent Spot price) just five months ago to $50 – the barrel got crazy. An interview with Rembrandt Koppelaar, editor of The Oil Drum