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Olhares sobre a crise do euro no início de 2015 — entrevistas

Entrevistas Janeiro e Fevereiro de 2015 Por Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues Entrevista 1 Charles Wyplosz: “O pacote de Draghi veio terrivelmente tarde” Mais vale tarde do que nunca, diz o economista francês Charles Wyplosz. A culpa do atraso foi da opinião pública alemã que paralisou o BCE. Há um subproduto da operação: 30% das dívidas soberanas […]

Rating Agencies: diversification or changing the rules and the business model?

A virtual round table about the rating agencies was edited by, listening in separate interviews to William White, former Head of the Monetary and Economic Department from May 1995 to June 2008 of the Bank for International Settlements and based in Basel, Bertrand Candelon, professor at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, located in Netherlands, Franck Biancheri, leader of the Newropeans and research coordinator of the french forecasting consulting company LEAP in Paris, and Peter Cohan, professor at Babson College, blogger and analyst based in Boston.

Uma nova proposta de casamento para Keynes – um desafio teórico

Está na hora de “casar” John Maynard Keynes com os críticos do monetarismo e do despesismo em finanças públicas. A proposta de William White, da OCDE.

A New Synthesis for macroeconomics

Chairman of the Economic and Development Review Committee of the OECD and former chief-economist at the Bank for International Settlements (from 1995 to 2008).

The chief-economist the central bankers do not listened to

William White warned of the coming big financial crisis. But the selected “club” of central bankers ignored him. Great moderation, procyclicality, a monetary miracle-policy, the substantial decline in volatility, a stable economy with continued growth, an economy closer to the efficient frontier where the business cycles were “managed” and the crashes shorter and shorter, all this “optimistic” mantra was the mainstream economic thought over the last twenty years inside the central bankers system. And coupled with this paradigm, grown and reign the greatest ever known rent-seeking financial paradise. Suddenly in mid of 2007, two years ago, the reality engulfed the club. William was right, but it was too late. A conversation with this contrarian economist.